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What is a Fatal Claim Petition under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation system?

Updated: 30 minutes ago

A fatal claim petition may be brought by the widow or widower of a worker who died while at work or due to work-related reasons.

Most people assume that this only applies to straightforward cases involving traumatic physical injuries such as a truck driver who is involved in a terrible accident and dies,

or a construction worker who suffers a life-ending accident or fall.

While these cases are most certainly compensable under our laws, there are a number of Fatal Claim Petitions stemming from employees who suffer heart attacks while at work.

Coronary artery disease and heart attacks are still

one of the leading causes of death among Americans.

If you believe that a family member or friend may have suffered a heart attack while at work, and that that condition related to the work they were performing, the widow or widower of that person may be able to present a Fatal Claim Petition for compensation.

No one is obligated to advise you of this claim, and both employers and insurance carriers are aware of this fact and will NOT provide you this information, so as to prevent claims from being presented in the first place. We are here to advise you and to help you to protect and enforce your rights. Call for a free consultation to discuss your individual circumstances.

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