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Your Local
Lehigh Valley
Personal injury

John W Hollawell, Legal Representative for Injured Victims

John W. Hollawell, Esquire

Local Personal Injury Representation

  • Free Case Evaluation for Every Case

  • Services are Offered on a Contingent Fee Basis

  • No Fees if You Don't Recover Money 

John W. Hollawell has been practicing law for over 35 years

in Pennsylvania and accepts cases from the Mid to the Eastern regions of the state.

Over 25 years of that practice has been in Eastern Pennsylvania,

with a special focus on the Lehigh Valley in Lehigh and Northampton counties.


John has intimate knowledge of the practice, procedure, and judicial system of both counties.

It is very important to contact him as soon as your injury has occurred to remember facts, preserve evidence,

and get the proper advice on your specific injury to recover the maximum amount of compensation.

Attorney Hollawell strongly recommends using your cell phone to snap photos

of the surroundings in most Personal Injury Negligence cases.

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